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What Our Patients Say

  • Excellent Care

    Thank you for your excellent care. I felt very comfortable at all times, including the ride with Craig our van driver. I had heard nothing but good things about PCLI and they were all true. I felt like I was in good hands. ~ Bette Suderman

    Bookkeeper for husband’s electrical contracting business from Dallas, OR

  • Treated Like Royalty

    I was dependent on corrective lenses from age 5 to 63. Then I had cataract surgery in your Great Falls office. My vision is better now than I can ever remember. It’s been a miracle to me and I want to thank everyone. From the moment I walked in the door, I was treated like royalty. I’ve never been to heaven but I experienced a bit of everlasting spirituality. Thank you all!
    ~ Terry Lopuch

    Retired Telecommunications Technician from Helena, MT

  • So Impressed!

    I'm scheduled to have cataract surgery on my right eye next week at your Albuquerque facility. My left eye was done about 3 weeks ago. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the staff and the doctor at this facility. The procedure was flawless and pain free ...a fact that still astounds me. All the testing I had to have done prior could not have been performed by nicer and more professional people. And the service you have of picking up patients and bringing them back home amazes me still.

    Bookkeeper and Store Manager from Santa Fe, NM

  • Absolutely Fantastic!

    There are not enough stars to describe my cataract surgery experience. It was absolutely fantastic. The entire staff was committed to earning both my trust and confidence and far exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The facility and atmosphere is more like a 5 star resort than a medical clinic. Everyone that I came in contact with was not just friendly, but genuinely caring. I'm not sure I've ever been this impressed with an organization, bottom to top. Thanks to Drs. Archibald, Johns and Choe. What I've been missing and can now see is unbelievable. Now I can actually see my golf ball in the air after hitting it. In my opinion this is the ONLY place to go for cataract surgery. ~ Gene Kennedy

    Retired Chief Operations Officer from Twin Falls, ID

  • Truly Felt Cared-for

    Your company slogan, A Spirit of Caring, is most appropriately followed by the entire Boise stafffrom the surgeon, to medical support personnel, to the receptionist, to the driver. I truly felt cared-for and, by the way, my cataracts were removed, vision improved and true colors restored. My recommendation will go to any future candidates for eye care. Thank you! ~ Louis Yannotta

    Educator from Eagle, ID

  • Making a Positive Difference

    How can I thank you enough? I now see 20/20 with my right eye. It's amazing! Part of being a physician is knowing you can make a positive difference in the lives of your patients—and you certainly have done that! I don’t know how to thank you enough and can hardly wait for surgery on my left eye. ~ Sarah Reade, MD

    Physician from Olympia, WA

  • Wow!

    Six weeks ago I was wearing bullet-proof thick glasses preparing for cataract surgery in your Chehalis, WA office. I had been wearing gas permeable contact lenses for 40 plus years but they had become less comfortable. How did my surgery go? Would WOW be enough to describe my results? My entire experience was fantastic. Surgery with toric lens implants has taken me from 11 to 13 diopters of near sightedness and 1.5 to 2 diopters of astigmatism to no contacts, no astigmatism, no glasses—except an occasional reader. I have 20/15 clear vision in my right eye and 20/20 vision in my left eye. My first day back at work, everything was so bright and sparkly I accused my team of painting the office and buying new furniture! Each day I am more blown away with what you have done for me. You are the best and I will refer others to your care. Anyone interested may contact me at (503) 325-0310 ~ Jeffrey Leinassar

    Dentist from Astoria, OR

  • Enjoyed the Experience

    During our visit for my cataract surgery, Mary Anne and I were treated with greatest respect. Your staff were extremely understanding of our needs and respectful of our feelings. Everything went well and I even enjoyed the experience. The viewing room and DVD of my surgery were a very nice touch and Mary Anne appreciated being able to be part of the entire process. Your Chehalis crew rocks! Thanks so very much. ~ Michael Roe

    United States Navy (Retired) from Ocean Shores, WA

  • You Set Me at Ease

    I just wanted to thank all the wonderful people in your Bellingham office for the gracious experience I received. Thank you for the kindness and warmth you provided me in a somewhat uncomfortable situation. You set me at ease and kept me there. I would especially like to thank Victoria for her positive spirit and professionalism, Dr. Van Brocklin for his optimism and candor, and Dr. Chung for painless surgery. You were fabulous to work with and I will let everyone I know in on your performance. Thanks again. ~ Mark W. O'Brien 

    Reverse Mortgage Specialist from Everett, WA

  • Complete Satisfaction!

    Every step of my experience was outstanding! I had a cataract removed from each eye. The only pain I experienced, which was self inflicted and very minor, was in the removal of the first band aid used to keep the eye lid closed after surgery. I appreciated the surgeon's prayer for assistance/guidance during the procedure. Thank you Dr. Ford! I will always recommend PCLI for cataract removal! ~ Ed Roberts

    Retired Military from Eagle, AK

  • Making Dreams Come True

    What I appreciated about my experience was that I was treated as a human being rather than just another patient. Every place I went, the chairs were comfortable and people were polite, nice and attractive. When cataracts take away your vision, you lose a part of your freedom too. But PCLI is making dreams come true by giving both of them back. ~ Warren Miller

    Ski and Snowboarding Filmmaker from Orcas Island, WA

  • Heart Felt Appreciation

    Words are hard to find to express my heart felt appreciation for my new vision. I have had a life of 75 years never being satisfied with corrected vision. My uncorrected nearsightedness was such that I couldn't read the top E on the eye chart. Also, I had a medium amount of astigmatism. Today after your cataract surgeries, I now see almost 20/15 in both eyes with almost no astigmatism, without glasses. I have never seen objects and colors as sharp and bright. Your company is a true blessing. ~ Richard Olsen

    Retired Law Enforcement Officer from McMinnville, OR

  • Results are Amazing

    I recently had cataract surgery in your Bellingham location and I want to say how pleased I am with your staff. From the first time I walked into the front door I was impressed with your business. I received the best care and attention I could have. Everyone from the receptionist to the anesthetist, the surgeon and the follow-up examiners, was very friendly and professional. I was put at ease at every turn and the results are amazing. I will certainly recommend you to anyone in need of eye care. ~ Mike Peetoom

    Customer Service Representative from Bellingham, WA

  • Can’t Say Enough

    I can't say enough about Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute. The staff is friendly, professional, caring and actually make it a FUN experience. I have recommended you to several friends who have cataracts. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give you a 10. One employee said that they love to go to work, and it is obvious in all their attitudes. ~ Donna Millwood

    Bookkeeper from Anchorage, AK

  • Many Thanks

    My father, Donald Harding, had two cataract surgeries in October and November of last year. Both he and I were VERY impressed with your operation. The staff could not have been nicer. Everyone was very professional, kind, and caring. My father and I were both impressed that doctors performing the surgeries prayed with my father before the operations. My father was very pleased with the results of the surgeries, and enjoyed his much-improved vision in the short time he had left on earth. He passed away in February. Many thanks to your organization for making his experiences with you such a blessing. God bless you! ~ Kathleen Miller

    Administrative Assistant from Aloha, OR

  • Thanks so much!

    From my first view of your local Vancouver office, thru surgery in your Portland facility and the next-day checkup, I was impressed with your thoughtful, caring way. It's clear that the patient is the most important part of the entire process and everything is centered around that individual. I felt totally at ease and had complete confidence in your staff. I had few questions because everything was covered so well by your doctors, nurses and technicians. I have told many people about PCLI and hope that some of them follow up with you as their need arises. Thank you so much for the opportunity to receive such great care! ~ Donna Goff

    Retired from Vancouver, WA

  • Extraordinary Care

    At 45 years of age I was pretty young to have cataracts. However, the staff of the Kennewick clinic went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. Now my vision is almost perfect. This clinic is extraordinary. ~ Elwin

    Surveillance engineer from Kennewick, WA

  • A New Life!

    41 years of wearing ‘coke bottle’ glasses and contact lenses just came to an abrupt end. I was legally blind without them. My optometrist said my vision was somewhere around 20/2000... Now, I can see 20/20, and if I squint, I can even read a couple of lines below the standard 20/20 line on the chart. For me, someone who had to crawl around and grope the floor for my glasses if I knocked them off the nightstand, suddenly going straight to 20/20 vision is a MIRACLE! The entire staff at PCLI is the best... I felt as if I was among family members. Thank you for giving me a new life! Glasses and contacts are no longer a part of it and I will never miss them! ~ Craig Ueltzen

    Communications Technician from Pasco, WA

  • Pleasant Experience

    I knew I was in good hands when they asked if they could say a prayer before they started. There is no comparison to the first cataract surgery I had at a different facility five years ago. Although it was a busy day I was treated like I was the only patient. I recommend anyone who needs eye surgery to seriously consider PCLI. Thank you for a very pleasant experience. ~ Bonnie Toulou

    Retired from Fruitland, WA

  • Totally at Ease

    Thank you so much for the concern and care you showed me when I came in for cataract surgery. The staff were wonderful and very courteous and attentive. I was understandably nervous when I arrived at the Institute. Everyone put me so at ease that when I went in to have Dr. Guzek perform the surgery I was totally at ease. I especially liked the fact that he said a short prayer to guide his hands in the task ahead. It was a wonderful experience. If I ever have to have the other eye done I will certainly return to PCLI. Again, thank you and God bless. ~ Patty Page

    Retired from Management from Kamiah, ID

  • Outstanding

    Our son Jeffrey Greene had two cataract surgeries in September at the Lewiston facility. He is developmentally delayed and was very, very nervous about the procedure. However, the staff at Lewiston was exceptionally kind and professional with him. The procedures were a complete success and his quality of life is greatly enhanced. The caring culture of your organization is outstanding and rare. We so appreciate your institute and the professionals who make up your teams. We would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much. ~ Nancy and Scott Greene

    Retired/Truck Driver from Peck, ID

  • Wonderful Care

    I had cataract surgery in October. It was performed by Dr. Guzek at your Kennewick institute. I have never been to a facility that was as well organized as your facility. You are to be complimented on the wonderful care that I received. Thank you and God bless you. ~ Joe E. Sprou

    Retired from Kennewick, WA

  • Tears and cheers!

    My 2 surgeries were back-to-back in February. H'ray for the team in Anchorage! A happier mix of personalities is hard to imagine. They all deserve rave reviews, and Rose deserves a raise! (You're welcome, Rose.) When the tape came off the second eye, tears moistened my eyes, and ran down my whole goofy, grinning face. Wonderful hardly tells it. You folks do the Lord's work, no 2 ways about it. Godspeed in your mission of praising God, not with song, but with love, compassion, and skill in treating the eyes of your patients--and their spirits as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~ Mary Griffith

    Writer from Anchor Point, AK

  • The Best!

    I had cataract surgery this month on both eyes and I must say it was the very best medical experience I have ever had. The staff was 100% professional and very friendly. The doctors were of the very best training and showed a great deal of concern and understanding to my questions. They are a class act and I recommend these wonderful sight savers to anyone in need of their expertise. To top it off the doctor said a small prayer to our Lord above to guide and help him during the operation. ~ John M. Sparks

    Retired Police Officer from Helena, MT

  • Excellence and Honesty

    There are many conundrums that sum up medical experiences from a patients point of view. My favorite is "You get what you pay for." This organization is governed by a set of guiding principles and they actually live by their credo right down to a little prayer before surgery. Through their demand for excellence and honesty they have created a premium brand. To my regret, I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes at the tender age of 42. The happy ending to my story was that I was referred to PCLI and to Dr. Everett. I had both cataracts removed and corrective PRK on both eyes. I can honestly say that Dr. Everett treated my situation as if he were treating his own eyes! You only get one set of eyes so go with the best brand... GO PCLI! ~ Eric Thun

    Business Owner from Spokane, WA

  • Highly Recommended

    I am so happy to have had my cataract surgery at your facility! I had surgery at another clinic for the same thing and believe me, there is a 100% difference in the way you are treated and taken care of by the staff. More patient friendly! Thank you for making my experience an enjoyable one, and not scary. The prayer before surgery is another thing that sold me on your clinic. I am a believer in the Good Lord. You come highly recommended by me anytime. ~ Roxie Smyers

    Admin Support-Office Management from Palmer, AK

  • Life is Great

    I recently underwent surgery and the results have been wonderful. Your staff from the front door to the accountants is magnificent. I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for helping me. Life is great when you can see like I can. ~ Al Murphy

    Retired from Enumclaw, WA

  • After LASIK Surgery

    My LASIK laser vision correction surgery was so successful 10 years ago that I knew, when I was told I needed cataract surgery, I would once again rely on PCLI. They are professional, caring, and the most experienced. I recommend them highly. Thank you PCLI. ~ Sharon Orndorff

    Flight Attendant from Stanwood, WA

  • Impressed

    I had two cataract surgeries in the last ten days. I was impressed with the caring of the staff and facilities. I am now able to see almost as good without my glasses as I could before the surgeries. With the reading glasses I am able to read the newspaper and do crossword puzzles as well as I could before the surgery. ~ Dwight Chapman

    Retired Community College Librarian from Vancouver, WA

  • Blown Away

    I had cataract surgery on my left eye two weeks ago and yesterday, on my right eye. The transformation on my vision is amazing! My experience at PCLI in Vancouver, Washington was beautiful and reassuring beyond my expectations. The doctors and all the staff were personable and unusually thoughtful and considerate. My grandson accompanied me and was happy that he could watch the surgery. We were both just blown away by the kindness of all the staff. ~ Paula Clayton

    Retired from Ridgefield, WA

  • World Class Care

    The whole experience was amazing, from the front office staff to the surgical staff. You really made me feel #1. This was world class care at its best! Thank you so much for all that you did for me! ~ Steven Knight

    Truck Driver from Vadito, NM

  • Increased my Confidence

    You lowered my apprehension and made me feel comfortable. The surgeon's prayer increased my confidence and I enjoyed the explanations of what was happening. I appreciated your professionalism, friendliness and the beautiful building and recommend you to everyone. ~ Larry Bailes

    Retired from Yakima, WA

  • Forever Grateful

    I am writing to express my thanks to the staff in Boise and Chehalis for going above and beyond. My care was first class and the wonderful office gals really went to battle to get things covered by insurance after being denied. That amazing turn of events means more to my wife and me than you'll ever know. We will be forever grateful for everything that was done on our behalf. May the good Lord bless and keep all of you in the very palm of His hand. Thanks again! ~ Tom Barger

    Starving Musician from Baker City, OR

  • Top-drawer Service

    What fraternity!! I had surgery on Wednesday and from the time I checked in with the receptionists until I left, I have never been treated so royally. Dr. Bell explained everything; Dr. Guzek’s special prayer and skill, techs, Mike and Ted, all the workers who tested me during my visit. There just aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe the extremely courteous atmosphere in that building. Even on the return visit the next morning I wasn’t a “has-been.” All I can say is WOW!! Pam called my motel in the evening to check on my well-being. And all that wasn’t enough; I was given a video of the operation on my way out. I just want to thank all those who worked on me for “top-drawer” service. ~ Bob Howard

    Retired from Enterprise, OR

  • Yahooo

    I had my left eye operated on Monday and you removed that nasty cataract. What a blessing. I feel just like Dorothy when she landed in OZ. Everything is so bright and I can see so well—nearly 20/20 vision. Can't wait to have the other eye done!! Thank you to everyone at PCLI and God bless each and every one of you. I even forgot to turn the light on when I started work yesterday. Thanks again! I'll be back ;-)  ~ Barbie Lahti

    Hairdresser from Shelton, WA

  • Great Experience

    A big thank you to all of you for the great sight that I am now enjoying. What a caring, loving group of people from the receptionist at the front desk to the very last moment, I was treated with attention and concern as though I were the only patient in the building. I appreciated the way Dr. Giebel prayed before he started my cataract surgery. Now my vision is better than it has been in many years. My whole experience was great and I highly recommend you to anyone contemplating eye surgery. ~ Janet Doseff

    Retired from Vashon, WA

  • Joyous Experience

    My very best to you. Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed my visit with all the wonderful folks at your Kennewick office. Janice, who drove me up from LaGrande, was so very helpful in finding an Optometrist to do my post-op care when my regular doctor was called to a family emergency. In my life I have never met a group of more talented, gracious, caring professionals who made my surgery a joyous... yes JOYOUS experience. Of special note was an event that transpired just prior to my operation. Dr. Johns (nicest man I ever met) asked if I would mind joining him in a word of prayer. I almost fell off the table. I was so surprised but so happy to be in a place where one could evoke the name of God without fear of loosing his medical license. A great victory! So today I am sending a special prayer of gratitude to everyone I touched on that blessed day. The day a nearly blind man was healed... God bless you everyone. ~ Ken Hardeman

    Property Managment Century 21 from LaGrande, OR

  • Was a Little Nervous

    I had cataract surgery on my left eye this morning at the Albuquerque office. All of the staff were professional and fun to deal with. Even though I was a little nervous, I was able to joke with them which helped me. I was also able to talk about our horses, which are an important part of my life, and that helped as well. Finally, being a Christian who takes his faith seriously, it was a pleasure to have Dr. Ford pray for both of us before he began surgery. God's blessings to you all. ~ Dan Cooksey

    Retired/Volunteer Assoc Pastor from Corrales, NM

  • Never Treated so Well

    After putting it off for two years I had cataract surgery in Anchorage last week. It went way better than I expected, the surgery was easy, the doctor was great and the staff was exceptional. I have never been treated so well--anywhere! The entire staff is just great. The most touching was Jubilee in the operating room. She made me feel so at ease and was so sweet walking me out. She is a real treasure. Thank you all. ~ Dan Brotherton

    Well driller from Fairbanks, AK

  • No More Glasses

    I am 75 and have been wearing glasses for 65 years. I no longer need glasses and have never been able to see like I can now. It’s a miracle! The treatment I received from the shuttle driver to the surgeons and all the people in between was outstanding. I can’t thank you enough. ~ Kenneth Helfenstein

    Retired from Maple Valley, WA

  • Priceless Gift

    I had my first cataract surgery on August 9. I was very apprehensive, but the staff immediately put me at ease. Dr. Johns is amazing and I believe his hands are guided by our Lord. It meant so much to me that he prayed before the surgery. I feel I have been given a priceless gift. I'm scheduled next week for the left eye and can hardly wait. Everything is so bright and beautiful through my right eye and the colors are brilliant. Thank you for hiring such wonderful people. The staff at your Vancouver clinic is the absolute best! ~ Sally Burnham

    Caseworker for The Salvation Army from Vancouver, WA

  • A Blessing

    If every business, hospital, school and government were run the way PCLI is, the world would be a bright and positive and healing place. My experience there was a blessing beyond belief, not only to restore my sight, but to restore my confidence in idealism, altruism and the possibilities of helpful committed people who dream big and deliver. ~ Anonymous

    Unknown from WA

  • Absolutely Thrilled!

    I was treated so very well in both surgeries. I had two cataract surgeries done three weeks apart. My vision is now nearly perfect, still need reading glasses, which I knew beforehand I would have. I am a medical editor and need to be able to see typing on the computer correctly. I am absolutely thrilled. What impressed me most is that they pray for you before the surgery. If you need eye surgery, this is the place to go! ~ Joyce Claxton

    Medical Editor from Vancouver, WA