Vision by Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute

Your Family Optometrist

Good Source of Guidance

People are sometimes confused about how to select a credible and qualified surgeon. Optometric physicians are in an excellent position to provide guidance because they:

  • Do not perform LASIK, but are very experienced in before and after surgery care.
  • Have the unique opportunity of viewing first-hand the good and not-so-good outcomes of numerous surgeons from participating in long-term
    follow-up care.
  • Can provide objective information about the quality of surgery.

Optometric physicians play an important role in successful LASIK. Your family eye doctor:

  • Will help you decide if surgically altering your vision is the best choice considering your eye health, expectations, your personality, and your lifestyle.
  • Has your best interest at heart.
  • Will perform a number of pre-operative eye tests and share the results, along with any pertinent eye history, with the surgeon.
  • Will closely monitor your vision throughout your recovery to ensure proper healing and stability of vision.