Vision by Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute

Success Rates

Results reported by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on a long-awaited LASIK Quality of Life Project show overwhelmingly positive results. Their multi-year study confirms findings of many previous studies:

  • More than 96% of LASIK patients report satisfaction with their
    vision 3 months after treatment.

This high rate of success is unprecedented as a surgical procedure. However, perfect outcomes can never be guaranteed. Instead of hoping to forever eliminate your need for corrective lenses, a more realistic goal is to reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

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Good visual outcomes enjoyed by patients treated at Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute are the result of:

  • Our surgeons' skill
  • Incredible attention to the smallest details
    of the procedure
  • Experience gained in tens of thousands
    of cases
  • Our relentless pursuit of excellence