Vision by Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute

Two Common Myths

Several million LASIK procedures are performed each year in America. With a number of high profile athletes including Tiger Woods, Patrick Ewing and Troy Aikman singing LASIK’s praises, the procedure has gained a tremendous amount of public attention. However, two major myths have come along with the heightened awareness:

  • Consumers are sometimes led to believe that high-tech lasers do all the work so excellent surgical outcomes are a given, and the only difference between surgeons is the cost of treatment.
  • Some advertising misleads people to believe laser vision correction will rid them completely of their need for corrective eyewear.

Unfortunately, both conceptions are untrue and potentially dangerous. The truth is, excellent outcomes are directly dependent on the surgeon’s judgment and abilities. LASIK has a lengthy learning curve and consistently excellent outcomes are gained by complete mastery of the surgery details and the experience of performing a high number of cases.

While laser vision correction is an amazing process, perfect visual outcomes cannot be guaranteed. As with any surgical procedure, there are limitations, risks and potential for side effects—even in the hands of highly experienced surgeons.