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What Our Patients Say

  • Phenomenal Results!

    Thank you for my phenomenal results. I had PRK 6 years ago and have forgotten what life was like with contacts or glasses. After surgery, my vision seems to have continually improved to what my optometrist refers to as "perfection". I'm not familiar with my charts and trends, but I regularly shock assistants and doctors with my ability to read the smallest of letters during eye exams. I want to extend a sincere THANK YOU for your careful work in providing such a valued and life-enhancing product.

    Hydrogeologist from Helena, MT

  • An Awesome Experience

    I had LASIK over a year ago. The procedure was so fast that it was over before I could fully comprehend what was going on. Before treatment,  I stated that I was apprehensive since the medication did not appear to take effect. Dr. Ford added drops to my eyes and asked if he could pray with me. I agreed and was very grateful for his understanding of my anxiousness. On my one year anniversary check up, I had 20/15 vision. I am very grateful and had an awesome experience. ~ Nancy Gingrich

    Volunteer with Anchorage Visitor Center and Love INC from Anchorage, AK

  • I’d Recommend You Any Day!

    Your staff, nurses and doctors were wonderful! They made the atmosphere so comfortable and relaxing—which was nice since I was nervous. They were great about explaining pre and post-surgery expectations and instructions. I really liked how the surgeon came out prior and introduced himself and asked each of us individually if we had questions or concerns. You don't get a lot of doctors who will do that. I’ve had no problems with my eyes since surgery and am loving no longer being dependent on contacts or glasses. A big thank you to everyone at the Great Falls office. I’d recommend you any day! ~ Kristin Wyatt

    Pharmacy Claims Business Analyst from Great Falls, MT

  • Absolute Appreciation

    I had LASIK done a few months ago and want to share my absolute appreciation for your skill and the overall experience. I was very apprehensive but a number of little things you did put my anxiety to rest: the surgeon’s offer to pray before surgery, explaining exactly what you were doing, and providing a care package afterwards with clearly written instructions. Your staff provided plenty of information to help me make the right decisions. They were very personable and took the time to ask me how I was doing through the whole process. It was one of the best health-related experiences I have ever had. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family. ~ Sam Tjoelker

    Engineer from Redmond, WA

  • I Highly Recommend

    Beautiful facilities and friendly staff. Having the surgeon pray before surgery made me feel very comfortable and at ease. The day after the doctor told me my vision is almost 20/20 already! I'd recommend PCLI to anyone. ~ Emily Carpenter

    Missionary from Granger, WA

  • Better Than I Ever Expected

    An open letter following my LASIK surgery. A little nervous upon arrival. Most pleased when I left. Facilities were great. Staff a blend of efficiency, professionalism and warm sense of humor. The surgeon--quiet professionalism who quickly puts you at ease. His asking if I minded a presurgical prayer was much appreciated. Best of all, the results were, to resort to a pun, eye-opening. Better than I ever expected. Only regret was that I didn't have it done 20 years ago. ~ Clyel Berry

    Attorney from Twin Falls, ID

  • Forever Grateful

    Ten years ago I had laser treatment with you. Recently, I went back to another eye center where I had last been seen before my surgery. They still had my old records. Throughout my appointment the doctor kept saying he’d never seen such an amazing job on eyes like mine. The fact I have 20/20 vision, and how much correction was needed, he couldn't believe it! Several times he commented that your surgeon did an amazing job. He said his eyes were like mine but didn’t think he was a candidate. Even though he works for a surgery center, I thought maybe he should call you... I just wanted to tell you that although I’ve always appreciated the great job on my eyes, I’m even more grateful knowing another eye doctor was so blown away. Thank you so much for your skill and expertise. You have made a huge difference in the quality of my life and I'm forever grateful. ~ Renee Labrie-Shanks

    From Missoula, MT

  • Already Seeing 20/15

    Why didn't I do this years ago? The whole experience from start to finish was beyond my expectations. I immediately felt very comfortable walking into the welcoming Bellevue office. Almost immediately after surgery I could already see pretty clearly, although it was a bit like how you see when you're having a good cry. I went home and studiously took my prescribed drops and returned the next morning for my follow up... where THIS IS THE BEST PART... I was already seeing 20/15! There was zero pain and very minimal discomfort at all... at the worst it felt like having an irritating contact in. I am 48 hours post surgery. I am still using my drops, but my eyes feel great and my vision is amazing. I can't recommend PCLI and Lasik correction enough!!! ~ Tia Bocock

    Bookkeeper from Maple Valley, WA

  • What Joy!

    It's hard to express the shear joy of being able to wake up in the morning and be able to see again. Your staff are the most professional and caring people I have ever had the opportunity to meet. Right from the time I walked through the door I was treated like a queen and felt totally at ease with the procedure. I have recommended this procedure to all my friends who are still wearing glasses. Thanks again for bringing my eyesight back. ~ Kathy Weber

    City Clerk/HR Manager from North Pole, AK

  • My Dad is an Eye Doc

    I've had a lot of fears about corrective surgery to my eyes. My dad is an optometrist so I grew up with a great appreciation for vision and eye health. He told me, "If you decide to have LASIK, don't take a risk--go to PCLI. They're the best." PCLI is the only company my dad will entrust with the care of his patients. The doctors and staff at PCLI were amazing. Even though I knew a lot about the procedure, I was still nervous. What if something went wrong? They were wonderful about answering all my questions. The office was warm and welcoming. You get a feeling of family when you walk in. The procedure went perfectly. The next day I was seeing 20/15 in both eyes. I've since had fun telling people I'm better than perfect and now I have documentation! I wholeheartedly recommend PCLI to anyone considering LASIK or any other eye surgery. Don't take chances with your vision. Go with the best. ~ Nancy N.

    Administrator from West Linn, OR

  • My New Eyesight

    I just had to write and tell you how excited I am about my new eyesight. You performed LASIK on both of my eyes yesterday. I have just returned from my follow up appointment this morning and am thrilled to report that I am already seeing 20/20 in both eyes! Wow! But even better news, upon seeing Dr. Everett in the Spokane office this morning, he informed me that he fully expects that by tomorrow I will be seeing 20/15 in both eyes! I knew that with Lasik my vision would be a great improvement over what it was, but I never expected in my wildest dreams that it would be better than perfect! Thank-you for sharing your wonderful, God given talent with me! You have truly bettered my life! Also, Thanks to your staff in the Spokane branch for all their professionalism and caring. You all made the Lasik experience a comfortable and enjoyable procedure for me. Thanks again! ~ Sherry Wiser

    FedEx driver from Post Falls, ID

  • Well Worth the Trip

    I am your Refractive Surgery Counseling Coodinator's brother and I had my LASIK done in Bellevue this week. Although my sister helped me through the process, I feel compelled to let you know that the surgeon and the entire staff in Bellevue and Chehalis made my experience great! Your staff helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. The office decor also helped with the homey feeling and added to the comfort. I especially want to thank the surgeon for the prayer before surgery that added some additional comfort. All these things allowed me to relax and enjoy the experience. I flew from Arizona to get this done and I would recommend PCLI to anyone, even here in Arizona. It is worth the trip and the added comfort you get from your expert staff! ~ James Whitely

    Network Engineer from Gilbert, AZ

  • Fantastic Results

    Thank you so much for the wonderful care and fantastic results. I had no discomfort at all after the procedure and vision was immediately, and continues to be, fantastic! I also was told I would still need reading glasses but am delighted that I rarely even need them. I recommend you highly to all. Thank you so much. ~ Karen McEwen

    Mechanical Designer from Kirkland, WA

  • Worth Millions

    I can't begin to tell you how enjoyable this has been. My life since 1st grade has been about glasses and contacts and a high degree of nearsightedness (-8.5 and -9) has given me plenty of grief. Never in my life did I ever think I'd be able to see 20/15 and 20/20. My family optometrist didn't expect it would be that good. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift. ~ Melissa Horne

    Office Manager from Forest Grove, OR

  • Helped Diabetes & Vision

    I had LASIK surgery and the final outcome was excellent. I can actually read at 20/15 vision. No problems with darkness (that would have been a significant problem since I live where it is dark most of the winter). The stumbling block was that in the interim I was diagnosed with diabetes. Can you believe your Institute even helped with this? Right after my procedure Dr. Ford recommended I read a book titled THE CHINA STUDY. It took several months and the diabetes diagnosis to read it, but this book started me down the path of a vegan diet (plant based food). That's what I currently eat. My vision improved, plus I have full control of my blood sugars without any medication. In addition, I advise many of my patients to at least lean toward a more plant based diet. Thank you! ~ Luba Coverdell

    Family Practice Physician from Eagle River, AK

  • Best $ Ever Spent

    It's been some years since my LASIK procedure, but I just got a note from a friend who is thinking about having the surgery and I recommended you all without reservation! I told him that it was the best money I ever spent and everything about your operation was top notch--from the customer service to the medical care to the aftercare. Don't know if he'll do it or not, but I was just reminded of you and thought I would send a note of thanks to my surgeon and all of the PCLI crew! Love and all best! ~ Judith Brighton

    Executive Recruiter from Carlsbad, CA

  • Gift of Sight

    I truly cannot thank the PCLI staff from start to finish. I live up in Juneau Alaska and decided to utilize the Spokane office. From the wonderful counselors I spoke to on the phone to the Spokane office staff... I was treated with top notch care and concern. Dr. Ford you are an amazing man and I so appreciated the prayer as it shows how you hold yourself accountable not only to us but God as well. I also want to thank Dr. Everett for answering my endless questions and concerns and those of my Mother who was there to support me. The atmosphere was comfortable, professional and personable. Thank you so much for the gift of my sight... I feel truly blessed to have met you all! ~ Mindy Lobaugh

    State Employee - DOE from Juneau, AK

  • Changed my Life

    The wonderful people at PCLI completely changed my life. I was terrified about my surgery and they eased my fears. They truly are a blessing and I HIGHLY recommended PCLI to anyone who is even contemplating eye surgery. Thank you for all that you have done for me... and for changing my life! ~ Stephanie Allen

    Teacher from FAFB, WA

  • Dream Come True

    I was very nervous but your staff was so supportive and compassionate. Being a believer myself, it meant a lot when Dr. Ford prayed with me at the start of my surgery. It made me realize that I truly was in the best care. It has been 3 weeks since my surgery, and I am seeing a perfect 20/20. I had been legally blind (and then some) and have worn contacts/glasses for 20 years. I still wake up smiling, whether it be just a gradual wake into my morning, or being awoken by my children, and for the first time EVER, being able to see there sweet little faces without having to fumble for my glasses first. Thank you, thank you, Dr. Ford and staff for giving me something I have only dreamed about. I have already recommended you to several, and will continue to recommend you to more. You made a very nervous, unsure situation, into a very positive, relaxed one. ~ Mindy LeDuc

    Certified Medical Assistant from Anchorage, AK

  • Better than Expected

    I waited 20 years to do this. I was 20/400 and my surgeon assured me the best I could hope for was 20/40... But 4 months later I have 20/15 in both eyes. I am sure it is not typical. I attribute my success to the surgeon's skill. It has changed my life. ~ B. Mowers

    Artist/Student /Mom from Issaquah, WA

  • Treated like a Queen

    My experience with you was wonderful! The staff treated me as if I was a queen. Before surgery I couldn't see the nurses faces clearly, but after I could see everything. I was 20/25 the next day and have maintained that for the 6 months since my surgery. Thank your for my sight! ~ Leslie M. Ryan

    Front End/Optician from Boise, ID

  • Incredibly Happy

    I am so glad I did my homework and selected you for my laser surgery. It has been a month since my procedure and I am incredibly happy with the results. I've had no problems, pain, or remorse. Your staff is very friendly and responsive. I would recommend Pacific to anyone considering laser surgery! ~ Linda Hoglan

    Budget Officer from Coeur d'Alene, ID

  • Outstanding Vision

    Being only 20 years old I was unsure if this procedure was right for me, but the second I walked out of surgery I knew it was the best decision I had ever made for my eyes. PCLI took amazing care of me, from start to finish everything was very fast and thorough. The mild discomfort following surgery is nothing compared to the outstanding vision you immediately have. I would recommend everyone who wishes to get this surgery to choose PCLI. ~ Chelsea Vasquez

    College Student from Clearwater, FL

  • Highest Success Rate

    Your staff and surgeons were informative and professional throughout the entire procedure. Special "Thanks" to Dr. Ford for his comforting and reassuring words offered to my wife during the surgery. She had the procedure last week in Bellevue and has had an excellent experience. Her first post-op appointment measured her vision between 20/15 to 20/20. She is thrilled that she does not have to deal with contacts or glasses. I was able to watch the whole procedure, and from my observations the key to success is the skill of the surgeon. I can only imagine what could happen if the surgeon made even a slight error in replacement of the corneal flap. I would highly recommend PCLI to anyone considering this procedure. We chose this facility based on the recommendation of my wife's optometrist, who has collected data on different LASIK facilities. PCLI has the highest success rate from the facilities he's reviewed. ~ Thomas Taylor

    Aerospace Engineer from Seattle, WA

  • Just do it!

    Oh my gosh where do I start? I have been wearing corrective lenses since 6th grade. With my last eye exam I was told I was legally blind... I can't see a thing without my glasses. I have been very active all my life, from skiing down mountains to riding horses on the the beach in all kinds of weather. My biggest frustration was foggy or water spotted glasses, and if I lost them I was lost! I've been considering LASIK for about 15 years... Yep, that's me--Mrs. Procrastination! I had my surgery yesterday and I am now 20/15 with no corrective lenses at all. I drove myself to my follow-up appointment and I felt like I was cheating because I wasn't wearing any correction. What a miracle! What amazing staff, from the greeter to the surgeon. Spectacular! I felt at ease and comfortable although slightly nervous, but the prayer prior to surgery eased all of that. If you are considering surgery, consider no more. I'm almost 50 and procrastinated way to long. Just do it! ~ Christina L. Merten

    Registered Nurse from Toledo, WA

  • Kisses to You

    Today is the 4th anniversary of my LASIK and I'm still so happy with the results I blow a kiss toward the building every time I drive by. I still remember what a great experience it was and the thrill of sitting up and being able to read the clock on the wall even through the eye drops. I can honestly say this was the best thing I ever did for myself. ~ MaryAnne

    Communications Specialist from Kennewick, WA

  • VIP Treatment

    The people at PCLI treated me like I was some corporate VIP. I am a Homeland Security Major and my chosen profession requires me to have exceptional vision. I needed LASIK in order to chase my career. Prior to the surgery I had 20/200 uncorrected vision. ow, just two days after my surgery I have 20/10 in my right eye and 20/15 in my left. The surgery took less than 5 minutes and I actually laughed out loud during the procedure. I have probably told 20 people about my LASIK experience since my operation yesterday morning and I will tell hundreds more before I'm done. You have enabled me to chase my dreams and it has changed my life for the better. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and God bless you all. ~ Jesse Broyles

    Student from Lewiston, ID

  • Fabulous

    I had my LASIK in December and want to thank all of you for this gift. I find myself crying a little every few days realizing that I can SEE! I still think I need to take my contacts out at night for about half a second. I have had dreams all my life where I could see. I was well prepared not to expect miracles and I received direct honesty about what to be prepared for. Your screening process is fabulous. My sight was -8.5 and I see nearly 20/20 now. Between your wonderful staff and my eye doctor I feel absolutely well taken care of. I feel safer, more secure, more free, and extremely grateful to all of you. ~ Kerri Johnson

    Accountant from Bellingham, WA

  • 20/20 Next Day

    I had LASIK last Thursday. My vision was a bit blurry for the entire first day but my surgeon said it was to be expected. The next morning I woke up and went for my follow-up exam. Dr. Lightfoot at the Tacoma office removed the protective contact lens and gave me an eye exam. I could not believe I was at 20/20 less than 24 hours later! It is a miracle. ~ Wendy Scott

    Receptionist from Tacoma, WA

  • Very Positive Experience

    I was very nervous but your staff were so supportive and compassionate. It meant a lot when my surgeon prayed with me at the start of my surgery. It made me realize that I truly was in the best care. My surgery was done in November and I am seeing with perfect vision. I cannot get over the experience I had with you. My surgeon was simply the best doctor ever. Thank you and your staff for giving me something I had only dreamed about. I have already recommended you to several, and will continue to recommend you to more. You made a very nervous, unsure situation into a very positive and unique lifetime experience. Something I would never see anywhere else. ~ Eugene Natkong

    Cable TV Technician from Hydaburg, AK

  • Amazed Daily

    I just had my one year follow up after having LASIK done at the Bellevue location. My vision is 20/20 and I'm amazed daily that it came out so well considering the strong correction I had done. I'm very thankful to your facility and my surgeon for doing such a fantastic job. ~ Sabrina Broach

    Physical therapist assistant from Kent, WA

  • My Dream is now Reality

    I had LASIK performed earlier this week at the Anchorage office and love the outcome. I was very hesitant over the years, but finally built enough courage to go ahead and do it. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to see again without assistance from contacts and glasses. Now that I have had it done, I wish I would have done it sooner! Not even 24 hours after my surgery my vision was already better than 20/20. I am truly satisfied with my results. Thank you so much for making this dream a reality! ~ Jennifer Fisher

    Certified Medical Assistant from Anchorage, AK