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Our attentive staff endeavors to go beyond what is expected.

These booklets will help you better understand our care. For immediate assistance, call us at 800-224-7254. In Alaska call 800-557-7254.

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(21 page full-color booklet)

Learn about the treatment and technology our gifted specialists utilize in this life-changing procedure. And get answers to frequently asked questions.

LASIK booklet
(25 page full-color booklet)

Understand what cataracts are, how we treat them, and the lens implant options you can choose to match your lifestyle. Get answers to frequently asked questions. And watch a DVD that shows our low-stress style of care with patients sharing the ease of their experience.

Cataracts booklet
Freedom From Reading Glasses with KAMRA Inlay booklet cover (18 page full-color booklet)

Learn how a tiny donut-shaped inlay can restore everyday near vision for individuals over 45 years
of age.

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